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Distribution Center


"Helping fed and clothe the needy in Houston through the generous donations of churches and individuals who love God and love people!"

- David Beegle, Director


"I was hungry and you gave me something to eat"


What we do and how we do it!

Impact Distribution Center is open Monday - Friday to provide food and clothing and has furniture and household goods for special needs. Impact's main building is also open Monday - Thursday to provide a hot meal, shower and luncry facilities, a bible study, and relief from the outdoors for those who need it.

The Distribution Center is often the first contact people have with the Impact Church and our staff and volunteers strive to maintain their dignity and to show them the spirit of Christ in us.

The Distribution Center served 67,000 meals in 2007, 141,000 in 2008 and 223,000 meals in the first half of 2009! last year we gave out 84 bags of food a week - on a recent Tuesday, we handed out 206 bags!

The number of families needing help is growing larger as God is providing the food, clothing, furniture and goods we need. We depend on donations from over forty churches and individuals to meet those needs...

This year through careful stewardship we have served three times as many people with a 20% increase in spending. The relationship we have built with other partners in the community such as the Houston Food Bank and Feed the Children has been a blessing to all. We are also working to increase our storage capapcity to help us function efficiently and safely.

In addition, each person who comes for food is offered a bible study and about 95% of our recipients take advantage of that offer. What a blessing!


"Let me share one person's story. I'll call her Maria to protect her privacy. Maria has a small business of her own and cleans houses to provide for her large family. She is also a Distribution Center volunteer! Maria takes food to 40 disabled families a month. When dropping off the food, she often changes the sheets on their beds for them! What a joy to know and work with this dedicated servant of the Lord!

There are so many sotries of those we serve with your help. God bless you as you help us help others.


Monday - Food for Outdoorsmen
Tuesday - Food for Families
Wednesday - Food for Outdoorsmen
Thursday - Clothes for Families

-There is also food offered on the First Thursday night of the month for working mothers and clothes on the last Wednesday morning of the month for Outdoorsmen.


The Distribution Center accepts donations of food, clothing, furniture, and household goods Monday - Thursday, 6:30 am to 2:30 pm, Friday by appointment.

This work exists to help the needy through the generous support of churches and individuals. We encourage donations and we need volunteers! Please join with us in this service.
We appreciate our volunteers!


Special Disaster Planning

In addition to the routine need for food, we are using lessons learnied from our disaster relief efforts following Hurricane Ike to be better prepared for the next problem. We are working with FEMA, the Red Cross, the City of Houston, the State of Texas and the Food Bank so we can efficiently move into disaster mode.




Impact Distribution Center
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